Quick Photo Re-Sizing Question

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I took a bunch of photos the other day with my digital camera. Many are vertical in orientation. For some reason, the auto-rotate feature in my camera did not work this time.

So I pulled them up in Preview in the Finder. I noticed that with the ones that I rotate to vertical in Preview, the photos seem to shrink. For instance, prior to opening one, I clicked on the Apple and the "i" buttons and the "Info" window notes that the image is 2.5MB on disk. After opening in Preview, I selected the simple ""Rotate Right" once from the "View" pull-down menu. I clicked on the "Save Changes" botton when closing the photo. Now when I click on the Apple and "i" buttons, the "Info" window indicates the image is 1.1 MB on disk.

I checked all the Preferences in Preview and de-selected all of the auto-resizing boxes but still seem to have the "shrinking photo problem."

What am I missing?

Thanks for all your help!!


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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    The problem is that Preview sort of hides the JPEG compression settings. I assume you're using JPEG. Use "Export" instead of "Save As" and then be sure to click the Options button.

    Important note: Preview does *not* do a lossless rotation on JPEG images. Each save or export will result in degeneration of quality and lost data. GraphicConverter can do lossless rotation.
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    slackulaslackula Posts: 262member
    Thanks, Brad!! You rock!!
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    sledgehammersledgehammer Posts: 505member
    I've never really taken the time to investigate the issue, or even to care too much about it, but it seems like whenever I re-save JPEGs in GC, they get bigger. Any idea why?
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