Mac Media Center?

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From: Chicago

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The integration and ease of sharing iTunes and iPhoto libraries over a network has helped me quickly serve up my media library to my Entertainment Center via an old Powerbook I had lying around. I hid it inside my AV cabinet, and it serves up my iTunes library as well as iPhoto etc. to my TV.

With a bluetooth device (my t610 phone), I'm able to remotely control the track etc., which is great. There is, however, one thing missing. I'd like a full-screen "media center" software/control view on my TV.

Windows sucks, but the Media Center is a nicely formatted for TV interface.

Anyone know if there is a software package (software only, as I like using the Powerbook over an EyeHome since it plays protected AAC's etc.) for the Mac that will quickly integrate iTunes/iPhoto sharing into a single full-screen interface?


If not, someone get to developing one as it should not be difficult.
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