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I want to Broadcast live-events to the internet using my isight and my 12" powerbook. I have some questions about this:

1. Is Quicktime Broadcaster (QTB) the only thing I need to broadcast to just one person?

2. for a "general" broadcast, would I need Quicktime Streeming Server? If so where can I get it from (I don't have Mac OS X Server)?

3. Is a good password set in QTB enough to let only selected people view my steam?

4. How much lag shoul I expect if I broadcast live using my Rev. A powerbook?

5. Is this the way it works: in QTB[transmission is set to automatic unicast; host name is my IP-adresse; username and password are set], in QT on the viewing machine[in "open URL in new player" I type something like: "rtsp://my_IP_adresse/name_of_the_live_event.sdp"]?

6. I assume this is also viewable on PC Quicktime, isn't it?

Thank you for any help


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    I've found some of the answears. Please help me with the other questions.

    1. yes you only need QTB



    4. 3 to 4 seconds in the tests I've done so far

    5. QTB[transmission is set to manual unicast; host name is the viewers IP-adresse; no username and password are set]

    6. works very well with the PC version.

    By the way, is the AV quality anywhere near this if I use ichat AV 2.1 (I'm still on Jaguar) to connect to AIM?
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    2. If you want to broadcast to more than one client, then QTSS (also Darwin Streaming Server) is your best bet. You can get the installer for various platforms here.

    3. The user/password feature is set in QTSS. It's used to authenticate incoming source material that will be broadcast by the streaming server. If the server doesn't have a broadcast password, anybody can end up serving streams off it...

    4. What kind of tests? That lage is probably consistent on even the most powerful Macs.

    5. "Host Name" is usually the address of your QTSS. Username and Password are whatever you set as the broadcast login in QTSS. The URL would be rtsp://hostname:554/file.sdp (defaults to "mystream.sdp")
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    I've been using QTB for high quality video-chat (I'm still on Jaguar and will not buy Panther now). It works quite well. I only have some questions: Is it hard to "hack" the stream (Manual Unicast using the IP of my chat-partner), or is it relatively safe to use this method for chatting?

    Is there anything (preferable freeware) that could limit the bandwith of single programs? This is because when I set the videosettings a little bit to high, the stream still plays perfectly, but I can't even send a mail. I would like to be able to send mail, and in this short time, limit the bandwith of QTB to allow this.

    Also, does anyone know of a simple program on the Windows side that can stream QT compatible media (I believe VLC does it, but I'd like to have it easyer).

    Any suggestions?

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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    btw, lag depends on a few things:

    1) type of encoding you're using + power of porcessor: The more advanced the encoding (high qual MPEG4 for example) will bitch out on your resources and will take longer time to encode and send out. If you have a nice bitched out Bi-G5 witha lot of RAM, you should have near instantaneous encoding, even at heacy bitrates.

    2) depends what kind of inetrnet connction you have (obviously)

    Im interested in knowing your setup and results... email or PM me if you want. Share some data.

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    zozo Posts: 3,117member

    Originally posted by future-ex-pc-user

    Also, does anyone know of a simple program on the Windows side that can stream QT compatible media (I believe VLC does it, but I'd like to have it easyer).

    Any suggestions?


    you can download QTSS for Windows as well
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    I'm using a Rev. A powerbook (867MHz; 256 MB RAM) with an isight.

    I'm Broadcasting only with Quicktime Broadcaster in Manual Unicast Mode. This way only one person cvan view the stream isn't it? Video is set to MPEG4, resolutions between the minimum and 320x240. Audio is AAC with 32kbps mono.

    I've been getting very good results, having syncronised audio and video with a lag of about 3 seconds (processor is on 50% but my DSL-modem has only 128kb upstream).

    I'm still hoping I can get AIM to work on the Windows side, so I would have a reason to upgrade to panther. So, for everyone still on Jaguar, this is a very high quality way to video chat without having to upgrade. try it, it's free!
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