Using old PowerMac 8600 to capture video?

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Firstly, I'm hoping some old timers here (like me) might remember what an 8600 PowerMac is.

I overheard some tech guy mention how you can convert your old Hi8 Camcorder tapes into digital format through one of these HP Movie writers with RCA cables.

I got to thinking, hey, my old 8600 gathering dust at the office has those inputs.

Now, my question is what program can I use to get this stuff onto my computer. It runs 9.2 (I think) and 8.6 for sure. Is there a cheap shareware app that might do the trick?



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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    Apple Video Player should do the trick. It'll either already live in the Apple menu or be on the system disks.
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