Tune Up Loops - Free Demo

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Found this at the icomposition.com site. 10 free loops!!

"TuneMedia are proud to annouce the forthcoming release of Tune-Up for Garageband. A pack of over 500 professional loops created exclusively for use with Apple's great new software. Bass, beats, melodies and more, all without picking up an instrument.

The CD will be available worldwide from mid May at the great low price of £19.99. A demo of 10 loops will be available for download from May 4th.

Check out the website at www.tuneuploops.com"


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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Thanks for the tip. The more free professional loops, the better. Although I'm quickly realizing the best way to sound not-canned, is to get a keyboard and make your own loops via Reason or similar app.
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