More than 2500 songs on the 10 GB iPod?

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Hey all. Before I left for school this morning (which is where I am now as I type this) I added the MP3s I had downloading overnight to my 10 GB iPod. To my surprise the song total went way over 2500 songs. I've got 2511 songs on it now. How is that possible?



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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    What is the bitrate for most of the songs? Lower bitrate = smaller file size. Are they short songs, i.e., less than about 4-5 minutes each?
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    gsfmarkgsfmark Posts: 210member
    yeah, there's no limit on the actual number of songs, just hard drive space, so if you have smaller files, you can fit more.

    Conversely, I have a 30 gig iPod, which i believe apple would advertise as holding 7500 songs, but with a mere 5300, I have only 300 megabytes left. My files are almost all 192 mp3 or 160 AAC... it's just a marketing number, i believe.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    I wouldn't call eleven songs more 'way more' but that's just me.

    I had a first generation 5GB iPod, who was supposed to hold 1000 songs. I had routinely much more than that, ie. 1100-1200 songs. I attribute that to variable song lengths. You have to remember, that calculation was made with a fixed song size in mind. If you change the length, encoding or the bitrate, the size will change.

    The iPod mini, for example, is advertised to be capable of holding 1000 songs, even though he?s 4GB big, 1GB less than the original iPod. Nonetheless, Apple advertises the iPod mini to be capable of holding 1000 songs. This is due to changed standard (assumed) file sizes- meaning the compression has become better with AAC.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Yes, the "1000 songs" claim on the original iPod is based on having 160 kbps bitrate and an average song length of 4 minutes. 1000 of them nearly fill the iPod's 5 billion byte capacity (technically, you can fit 1017 songs, 4 minutes each at 160 kbps, on the 5 GB iPod).

    Meanwhile, the newer iPods have all had their song claims increased because now it's assumed you're using a 128 kbps bitrate, same average length of 4 minutes. Actually, you can fit the same 1017 4-minute songs at 128 kbps each onto the 4 billion byte iPod mini.

    You should be able to fit 2543 songs on the 10 GB iPod if they average 4 minutes and all use 128 kbps bitrate.
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