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in Mac Software edited January 2014
How does Mail determine the name in the "from" column on incoming email? Some of my incoming emails are last name first, others last name last, a couple are all caps, and a few more are just email addresses. My address book entries are consistent with last name first, first letter capitalized. And all of the above senders are in my address book. I can't figure this out.

Not a major issue, but I'm anal enough to care.


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    My guess is that it looks first at the from field on the email to see if it has a readable from name (in the form "Nice Name <[email protected]>", and if not, it then looks in your address book. But I have not done any checking to verify this.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I thought the "From" name is set by the sender. Mail may recognize the address from the Address Book and display the user's icon appropriately, but won't use the name you have entered for the person.
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