Where to get free music?

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I am going through withdraw. I bought a few things from iTunes to help ease my pain, but I've been overall dissapointed. This is an expensive habit though. The store is cool and all, but most of the songs I bought to replace my illegal playlist are not what I expected. (Hey, I am trying to legalize my playlist, give me credit for that.) For example, I matched a Scooter song (Fire!) I downloaded to one on ITMS but the introductions of the songs are totally different! The downloaded version has a 15 second intro that the purschsed song completly skipped. You can't tell that from the 30 second preview. Another is Sadeness from Enigma. The file I downloaded from P2P had a 100% vocal introduction. I like that one better. But this is not about ITMS.

I have grown used to most of the songs I downloaded from MP3.com before it was sold (about 5.5GB, 1355 songs, or 41% of my playlist) and I need more "Fresh Blood". This is where I need your help.

Where have the free MP3 sites gone?

I am mostly interested in Electronic music, but have basically every genre of music on my iPod. My withdraw is getting worse.


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    Have you tried live concerts recorded and distributed legally? I have been to http://www.furthurnet.org/ and have found some great old and new recordings. It might just be me but I like live performance and of all the choices I have made to download from here...they've all been great. Sure, there may not be much to choice from (as in iTunes or elsewhere) but give it a shot. there are always new submissions and concerts on there network and they have the software for OS X to do it.

    You will definately need a high-speed connection...

    Also check this newsgroup...


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    Guidelines part 10 :


    Posting requests or information about obtaining pirated or illegally-distributed software is prohibited. Any and all such posts may be removed without warning. If the offending member continues with such posts, he or she is subject to immediate suspension from the forums for any amount of time the administrators or moderators deem necessary. Furthermore, asking for technical support regarding pirated software is also not allowed and will be treated in the same mannar as posts that directly ask for pirated software.

    This also apply for pirated music.

    If this thread speak only of legal music, enjoy, otherwise if people refer to forbiden sites, this thread will be close.
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    This may seem like a lot of effort but I usually go to a music review site, find a band that sounds cool, go their labels website (they'll usually have a few mp3s) then to the bands website (they'll usually have a few more). Then I'll remember that I'm Canadian and downloading music is perfectly legal.
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    www.amazon.com and www.jr.com have some free music downloads. Check if you like any of them.
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    Check out insound. A lot of up-and-coming stuff plus a few well knowns. Sometimes the mp3 tags are a bit messed up, but they're all legal.
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    also check out epitonic. they have a pretty large selection of music in a multitude of genres to chose from. very cool site.
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    Label websites are a good bet, they usually have samplings of all their bands for people to download.
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