What should I do with my telecommunications degree?

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Hey everyone, I'm a senior now at MSU and I'm trying to figure out what I should do with the degree that I'm going to get a year from now...

I'm going to have a degree in telecommunications with an emphasis in the digital media arts (I'm not into IT). I've got pretty much web design under my belt already and I'm getting a lot of digital photography experience (I start a web development/digital photography internship tomorrow morning and I'm studying abroad in the UK in July for photo communication).

I haven't really heard of any specific web design companies or anything like that. I've tried looking on monster.com for web design jobs and stuff but really only come up with web development jobs rather than web DESIGN. I'd really like to work for a company that creates all the cool flash sites and stuff like that (form and function rather than just function).

Any ideas? I know quite a bit about any software dealing with multimedia (final cut, all the macromedia products, photoshop, image ready, go live, dvd studio pro, etc). I'm just wondering what I can do with this stuff? What companies should I look for? I'd like to move someplace warm too...

Thanks for the advice



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    Why not go work for a major news organization?
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    Oh and the internet is great and all but IMO the real stuff is not there. Work for a newspaper or something like that.
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