New iPod Ad.

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Go check it out!! Soooooo cool!!


(I hope there's no post to this already..)


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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 446member
    Aw dang it.. Damn those fast people..

    Here's the actual thread:

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    quagmirequagmire Posts: 558member
    Hello, this is masterlock inc speaking. May I help you.

    Yes, can you get a big lock to appleinsider's general discussion and lock new ipod ad?

    We will get on it right away.

    Ok bye
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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 446member
    Hey, at least I redirected it...

    Sorry for wasting your time everyone.. I'll be out back hanging myself..

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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    If you want to commit suicide you can use my razor; it's electric, but you can hang yourself with the cord.
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