IBM's Web Based Office Applications

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News at CNet


IBM on Monday is expected to announce new software intended to take on Microsoft in the market for desktop business applications.

The new software, which falls under IBM?s Lotus Workplace strategy, is a bundle that includes e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications aimed at business users.


Server based subscription software with automagical synchronization of documents and apps for mobile users.



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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,770member
    Good news: It'll be compatible with Macs

    Bad News: Nobody wants subscription-based software.

    Ok, it may be wanted by larger corporations, but consumers seem to want to own their suite. It'll be interesting to see if this has any effect on Redmond's business.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Sure but at $2 a month that's only $24 year. Cheaper than most shareware.
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