TS-Grid Computing Everywhere!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
The Qmaster technology is currently available in Shake, Apple's compositing software; the company reportedly plans to bring Qmaster to its other professional video titles: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and the recently-released Motion. The rendering capability will reportedly be included at no extra cost to users.

Thinksecret article about possible uses for Xgrid

This sounds like a great idea. I was under the impression that Xgrid tech doesn't work well for realtime issues. Perhaps that is still the case. However with the advent of HD editing and new codecs like AVC which will require up to 8x the processing power (over MPEG2) to encode I think it's safe to say being able to utilize dorman cpu cycles from another computer is paramount.

I wonder what is the feasibility of Apple developing a more highly evolved cluster node. Something that straps 4 G5's in a 1U chassis with just enough HD space to queue the render jobs. This would be a nice repeat business.

Imagine Pixar buying a heap of G5 Workstations and receiving better TCO by adding on node after node to increase power.
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