CSS Book Recommendation

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First...I know about w3schools.com

But I like having a hard copy of something, that I can reference even while I am not by a computer. I learned PHP (or I like to think I did, SilentIIEchos might say differently) more then 300 miles from my computer.

I don't plan on doing that, again, but I was hoping that someone could recommend a book for me.

Also has anyone heard anything about this Cocoa book? I got his other one, but I never really got into it. I loved reading my O'Reilly PHP book, so I was looking at that for CSS and Cocoa.


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    I ended up getting the Zeldman book on CSS - Designing with web standards. I flip flop between my desire to get an actual hard copy when learning anything web/computer related since things change so fast, but this was a good read and got me well down the road. Definitely a recommeded addition to your web design shelf.
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