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okay, i am considering starting a Mac User Group in the area near my home. there's one in New Orleans, but i get the impression that where i live, an hour-plus away, there might be enough Mac Users who live near me that a User Group might actually fly, and meetings might generally be easier to attend (plus, apple has very little retail presence in the area, aside from one notable VAR and CompUSA).

is anyone here a member or head of a User Group where they could share their experiences? I know Apple has some FAQ's on their web site, and i'll look through there, too.

thanks for any info...

p.s. just to clarify, i know apple's site tells me a lot of info, but i want some first-hand experiences and recommendations from current MUG members. like "if you're going to start a MUG, the FIRST thing you should do is..." or "if this ever happens in your MUG, watch out!" or whatever.


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    ah, for example, here's a good question i have... where the heck do MUGs meet? each other's houses? that sounds like a bit of a headache... are there facilities i could look for to hold meetings? i'm sure this would be easier if i were a student, but...
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    Well most importantly (I think) you need a website so people can find you with the locator and have a place to get info. My group meets at the local library which here is free. Try talking to your local library and see if they have rooms you could use. Also check Apple resellers in your area and ask them if they have a place where your group can meet. PM me with more questions if you'd like.
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    I'm heavily involved (well, starting this fall) in Purdue's MUG. My first piece of advice is to plug the iPod like no other. It'll get PC people showing up and it's a great way to get people interested/build a sense of community. We have meetings in a building where a lot of classes are, but it really doesn't matter where. Being on campus though, we have wireless internet, so its cool that anyone in the room can follow along at websites during demos, and also partake in our Rendezvous chat room. Also, there's nothing cooler than streaming the meeting via iSight/iChatAV to someone who is stuck in their room and can't make it to the meeting.

    I could go on and on about everything, so PM me and I'll give you my email if you want more info. The address in my profile is very unreliable (Spymac hehe), so don't try it.
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