iChat Disconnecting on me for about a week now...

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I got home to California last friday, and since I have been here my iChat has been dropping my connection all the time.

Usually, I'll be talking for about 10-20 minutes when all of a sudden I'll stop getting responses from the person I'm talking to or it will say they are typing and they never actually type anything. This will last for about 2-4 minutes before it finally disconnects me and I need to re-login. So, right off the bat, it's an incredibly annoying way of disconnecting me, But on top of that, the fact that it IS disconnecting me(often in hte middle of conversations) Is even lamer.

My first suspicion was that it was something in my room, We had our Linksys Wireless router in this room, There is also a Gaming PC that is usually on. I thought maybe it was some kind of interference. But, It just happened to me 3 times this morning and the PC isn't even on.

Well, I moved the Router outside to the hallway(I've been meaning to move it there for a while) So that I could sit right next to it and not be in the same room as the PC, AIM still disconnected.

My Next thought was that maybe it was a particular game that was being played on the PC, well, the game my brothers have been playing the most is Warcraft 3 on Battle.net. I figured, hey, maybe some Ports are conflicting or some setting is incorrect or something. Also, the fact that he was getting disconnected from WC3 games made me suspect this even more. So I tinkered with the router settings, and enabled my Brother to host games, something he wasn't able to do before, and I don't think he's been disconnected since then, but nothing changed with iChat, it's still disconnecting me.

Now I'm starting to think it's my ISP(adelphia) But our internet(Cable) doesn't fluctuate, just my AIM. My brother's iBook has also been experiencing some AIM problems but he isn't on it as much as I am so I haven't really been able to know what's the deal.

I had been putting off updating to v2.1 because I didn't like the new text input restrictions, like, I type really fast, and, where this was never an issue with v2.0, v2.1 overloads all the time for me.

The update, needless to say, didn't help the disconnecting problems.

So, I'm out of ideas, I'm inclined to think it's my router, Either the linksys wireless or the Netgear switch . I don't know of anything that has been changed since I was in Boston, but last time I was home, I never had any AIM problems, and in boston I don't have any AIM problems either.

I'm running a 10.3.2


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    Try opening iChat, then going to system prefs and turning off your ethernet/airport card, then turn it back on and connect to iChat. You could also delete iChat then reinstall.
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