When Do You Think The 4th Generation iPods Will Be Announced?

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When do you think Apple will announce their new 4th generation iPods?regardless of what features (new scroll wheel, video out, color screen) you think it'll feature.


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    i haven't checked official refresh rates for ipod, but it feels like it's been sticking with the same basic function, style and layout for a while (i am specifically talking about the regular ipod... i do not consider ipod mini to be a revision 4 ipod... more like a rev 3.5a or something).

    i think they'll keep the big one aroudn to appease those of us lusting after an enormous firewire hard drive and mp3 player combo, and the extra space gives apple a place to experiemnt with cool new technologies as soon as they come out, until they can be miniaturized for the mini.

    that having been said, apple's still selling ipods hand-over-fist, so i think they'll take their sweet time getting the next major revisions ready. let's go with after august 1st. personally, i am ready for a color screen... i mean, hell, my FREE CELL PHONE has a color screen. it's not great, but it's still there.

    but i want ot to be able to take 3rd party applications that can be driven on the ipod. like if ambrosia wanted to make a game specifically for the ipod, as opposed to havign to get them solely from apple ipod software updates. then again, at that point, you're kinda getting close to a pda, i guess. if they could just invent some way to enter text quickly with a scroll wheel, it'd be set.
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    andiandi Posts: 4member
    Actually, I believe they might be announced the 7th or 8th June due to the ongoing 'Buy iPod, get Monster iCable' offer ending the 6th. Atleast that's what i'm hoping for since I really want to get one before i go on vacation.
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