Help with iPod using iTunes4.5 and iTunes2

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Is there any work around to this:

iTunes4.5 is used at home for all my mp3s, as well as my ipod which using the smart playlists. When i get to work at hook it up to my mac there, iTunes2 reorganizes it all since its not compatable with smart playlists. Are there any scripts out there that could work around this, or any fixes that someone knows about. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Well, I have to ask this, but are you not able to download the newest version of iTunes for your work? Perhaps it's running on OS 9 and you can't, just thought I'd eliminate the obvious.

    Try searching Doug's Applescripts for iTunes and see if there's a script or few to help.
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    yeah, our work is behind the times and we are still using os 9, the quick and obvious answer is to listen straight off the ipod, but id like to us itunes for control
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