Perfect Game

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So I was watching the Red Sox on NESN when Jerry Remy told people to switch over to TBS to watch Randy Johnson who at that point, had a perfect game through 8.

Best of all, he threw the perfect game against the Atlanta Braves. Beautiful.


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    I wish he had said it a few more times. I was watching the game and must have missed the first time.

    I spent the rest of the game asking myself what they hell Jerry was talking about Johnson for so much

    I thought he died or something.

    "Maybe the media will ask Schilling about Johnson"....etc.

    I was like "wtf is it about Johnson". But my Attention Deficit Disorder kept me from reaching over to my iBook and typing in Randy Johnson into my Safari Google bar.

    I was too happy to see the Tampa Bay Fat Heckler get shut up when Bellhorn hit that 3 run homer. Did he even say squat after that?
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