I'm stuck using windows at work... help!

in macOS edited January 2014
Anyone else face this problem? I miss these things the most:

- tabs in safari

- the dock

- Mail.app (outlook 2002 blows!)

- various other mac os x niceties...

are there any subsitutes for this on the win2000 platform? anyone else miss their mac? mine's 24,000 km away...


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    I use FireFox on my PC at work. I like it much better than IE. It has tabs.


    Hope this makes the pain a little more bearable.
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    staphbabystaphbaby Posts: 353member
    this article may have some useful info.

    You'll find that there are tonnes of Dock/Expose/whatever tools for windows. Oh, and definitely run with firefox. It's a great browser, particularly on windows. And it comes with so many pretty desktop patterns!

    So if you're in London and 24,000km from home, that would make you... Australian or New Zealandish perhaps?
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