flame me if you will, but what happened to...

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I loved reading the site purely for the entertainment value. It hasn't been available for over ten days now, I am going through withdrawl.


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    beigeuserbeigeuser Posts: 371member
    I agree. It was the Mac Rumors equivalent of the National Enquirer. I didn't believe a word of what they wrote but it was still entertaining. I miss it.
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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    I didn't know Apple issues cease&desist orders for publishing nonsense. To really entertain myself I visit CARS.
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    jimdreamworxjimdreamworx Posts: 1,064member
    This happens to them every so often.

    Last time, it was because they couldn't afford to renew their domain name, and eventually I found them via some other link with an IP address apologizing about this and that.
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    sailfishsailfish Posts: 163member
    CARS, that's some funny sh*t, hahahh, wipes tears.
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