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Hi All,

just wondering if anyone is using the samsung e715. . i am using it at the moment, but having difficulty getting my contacts from my computer to the phone, as the phone only seems to have pc software, although i have found a software to trasfer the photos. but contacts are what i really need. (best if can transfer from now up to date and contact, however i can move my contacts to address book for the purpose)

if i can't do this, i'm considering selling this, and getting either the 630 or the p900. . anyone know how compatible the p900 is in terms of transferring info from mac to p900?




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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    I got one, too! I haven't played around with any cable action, though. It is hard finding Mac support for this kind of stuff, though.

    Have you tried just emailing the contact info from your computer to your phone?

    This website is abuzz with cellphone stuff. You might find it helpful.

    The SE P900, eh? That's a NICE piece! It's a whole different category of cellphone from the E715, of course. Whole different price range, too. Oh, I wish to have one of those...

    I'm still very happy with my E715, though. It serves me well, and never fails to impress others when I have it out in the open. It sucks battery juice like a laptop, though. That's the only thing that has really inconvenienced me.

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    talksense101talksense101 Posts: 1,737member
    Does anyone have experience with Blackberry? It doesn't seem to have Mac support, but it works on a push down model which is supposedly good for integration with work. Should I consider buying that phone or is there a good alternative?
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