Dazzle Hollywwod dv bridge

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Has anyone used the Dazzle Hollywood DV bridge ? need some feedback before I plunge 250 bucks into it.



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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    It works, but sometimes you have to do fancy mojo to get it in the right mood. It's not a very good pass-through if you want to use your camera with QT Broadcaster though, for example.
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    I have one, it's pretty good. Small in size (I carry it around with my PowerBook in a Discman carrying case) and decent quality - considering it's the cheapest of the Analog <-> DV converters out there. The Sony Media Converter costs over $100 more and won't convert stuff with a Macrovision signal.

    I heard that there were some issues with the first batch of the Dazzle Hollywood, but the newer ones (with serial numbers that start with HW1X2) fix a lot of the problems. If you're buying one, open the box first and make sure it has a serial number starting with HW1X2 (or higher).
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