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I value your people's input here at AI, so I thought that I would float this question to see what y'all think. I want to start a subscription to a gaming 'zine, but with so many to choose I wanted some opinion. I own both an xbox and a ps2, I dont really game on my mac, though that's not to say I wont or cant. I'm looking for a monthly mag that is multifaceted and covers all systems and industry news/trends. Any thoughts?


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    sopphodesopphode Posts: 135member
    EDGE Magazine is the gaming industry's bible. They feature several interviews with leading developers and industry types, has many previews and its reviews are usually spot on. The features are also often worth a read. Its design and style of writing is also way ahead of your average glossy gaming mag you see nowadays.

    Highly recommended!
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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    oh man, i was gonna say EDGE, you took it, well you can always try EGM
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