Bluetooth Firmware update on Powerbooks

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I own a Nokia 6600 and a Powerbook 15 FW800.

I used to get 26Kbps transfer speed from my PB to the 6600. But I updated my internal Bluetooth firmware with the Updater from Software Update.

I updated the firmware but now get 2 or 4Kbps from the PB to 6600, but I still get 26kbps from the phone to the Powerbook.

First, I thought I had killed my bluetooth, but I connected my Powerbook to another Powerbook, and get 50Kbps.

So I am puzzled, I know my phone is ok, and the Powerbook to Powerbook connections are fine.

But the Powerbook to Phone speeds are now so reduced it's nearly unusable.

My hunch is the Firmware Update from Apple for the Bluetooth has reduced the speed, becuase before I updated I had full speed from the Powerbook to Phone.

By the way, I repaired permissions, PMU reset, PRAM Reset, Reinstalled BT 1.5, and still the same.

Please Help anyone..... Or we all might have to wait for another Firmware update from Apple......

I have read on other forum's that others are affected by this update, and would like to know if anyone else has had an issue and has figured out a workaround.


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    HAve you try the nokia collector?

    You can download free from Nokia website.
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    Are you sure you actually installed the update? even if its downloaded, you still have to open the app to run the updater.
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