The continued use of Australia to promote iTunes + iPod, and yet.....

in General Discussion edited January 2014
The first iPod commercial (well, not first overall, but the first one with the silhouettes) used Australian band Jet's song "Are you gonna be my girl?". It was raised then that it is quite ironic because due to Australia copyright laws, that were drafted years before the "digital music revolution", it is illegal to actually put Jet on your iPod in Australia.

And now the latest iPod commercial, the one with the dude walking past the wall of dancing posters, uses Australian band The Vine's, "Ride" as it's music. Once again, you can't put The Vines on an Australian iPod.

And now to really rub salt in the country-without-an-iTMS-wound... The Wiggles are the featured album at the iTMS!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Beloved Wiggles. Australia's number one children's performers are available for download in the States... AND NOT IN THEIR HOMELAND!

... this has turned into a rant. I must go now.


PS. I really really really really want an Australian iTMS.
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