who has a basestation?? can it stand alone with just a cable modem...

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or does it need a computer connection...would like to have my basestation in the living room where the cable tv comes in so i have no other cables in the house...can i have cable modem to airport basestation and nothing else? with signal going to rooms with computers??? thanks, wife wants all cables to disappear....g

and does anybody use it with Comcast Cable...apple site sez it does not work with all isp's, but doesn't list the isp's it does work with....thanks as always g

silly questions i know, wish they would open a freakin apple store within 500 miles of me so i could look/touch/play and bug their sales staff instead of bugging the people here...

also, at home one iMac is 9.2 the other is 10.1.5...both should be easy to set up right?? (gotta update the kids iMac to os X someday...maybe when 10.2 comes out)...g

figure the answers are...yes, yes, and yes (or at least i hope...g)

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    If I understand your question correctly, I think that's the whole point of AirPort and the Base Station, right? The cable wire (split: one going to your TV, the other for your Internet) will go into your cable modem (mine's a Toshiba something-or-other, about the size of a paperback book), then an Ethernet cable comes out from the cable modem and into the AirPort Base Station.

    From the Base Station, the signal is sent out to whatever Mac has an AirPort card and is configured to recognize the AirPort signal. Goes through walls, up and down stairs, etc. as I understand it.

    I don't know about routers or things like that, and the details/specifics of a multi-Mac household, although I think they could all access the signal, right?

    Probably learn lots right here:

    <a href="http://www.apple.com/airport/"; target="_blank">http://www.apple.com/airport/</a>;
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Yep, that's the whole idea theghelding.

    You just have the cable modem hooked into your cable, then an ethernet running to the Base Station. (and of course the Base Station plugged into power) That's it.

    Any other computers in the house with an Airport card can easily hop on for the ride. There really isn't anything to setting up a network really, just fire up the Airport setup assistant and it'll walk you through it. Once it's set up and you've got one Mac running, any others only need to start Airport up, select your station, and they're in.

    It's really easy, and AWESOME once it's going. Wires are soooooo 90s.

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    Hi "thegelding". My set up is a little more wirey than I would like, but that is because of TimeWarner's NY Cable version of Roadrunner. I have one TW digital cable coming into my place. That is split in two; one runs to where my digital TV is located and the Cable box is its destination. One end in the cable box and one into the Sony and Cable rocks 244++ (mostly useless ) channels. The other cable end runs into the study where I have the cable modem provided by TWCNY A Toshiba PCX1100 [After I made them take back the rubbishy industrial-looking metal box Monster they tried to install]. The split cable runs into the back of that, a short cable runs into my AirPort and that is the end of the chain. The entire net then runs through airport cards (paying only one fee to TWCNY)

    I have a G4 Cube, an iMac SE snow, a PowerBook G3 firewire and an iBook rev1 500 on all the time and they are all terrific, working at the very top of their little measuring scale 95% of the time. I have added a new iMac LCD 800 for a while before I took that into the office and it worked perfectly. I can surf from my chair on the iBook, run a DVD on the Cube and view it on a Cinema diplay with iSticks (or whatever they now call that H/K thing), and if necessary do a little writing on the PowerBook. MacMAN at Home!
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    thanks for all the replies....

    but does anybody have Comcast?? does the basestation work with most isp's??? apple site is vague at best with this info...comcast is no better, they basically told me they don't know and that i would have to try it and see..if not, then they don't support airport; if so, then they do....nice...

    also, should i go with the apple basestation (cute, know it will work easily with my computers) or get <a href="http://www.dlink.com/../../products/digitalHome/wireless/11b+/di614+/"; target="_blank">this</a> for half the price??

    leaning toward the basestation just for ease of use and throwing apple some cash (of course i'm gonna do that with 10.2 and probably .mac also...oh well, can't take the cash with me when i die, so i might as well spend it now....) thanks again all...off to the apple store soon to get...

    apple basestation

    2 airport cards (1 for iMac 800, 1 for iMac DV)

    1 adapter for airport card for iMac DV

    pre-order jaguar (i do get an education store discount at least)

    seriously eyeing up that 10gig iPod

    dropping a grand at apple without getting a new computer...dang....

    (ps....off topic but...six months ago when i bought my iMac 800 i already had in my mind that i would pay up to 2199 for a 17" lcd iMac with G4 and superdrive....they should have released one then and made some extra bucks off me....if i hadn't just bought a new computer i would jump all over that iMac 17" for 1999...not complaining, i know that one can always wait for what's coming next...figure my "little" iMac 15 lcd will last me many years...or at least a couple... ) g

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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    thegelding, as far as I know, if the ISP works with your iMac already there shouldn't be a problem with it and Airport.
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    jesperasjesperas Posts: 524member
    [quote]Originally posted by thegelding:

    <strong>also, should i go with the apple basestation (cute, know it will work easily with my computers) or get <a href="http://www.dlink.com/../../products/digitalHome/wireless/11b+/di614+/"; target="_blank">this</a> for half the price??

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    Not all third party base stations can pass appletalk packets through the wireless connection. SMC has one that does, but I'm pretty sure the D-Link can't. However, appletalk isn't needed for the ISP connection, so this may not be an issue for you.
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    tomahawktomahawk Posts: 164member
    I'm pretty sure that was the cable modem I was using before I moved.

    It worked great and Airport should work with any ethernet cable modem your computer works with anyway.

    Unfortunately, my Airport got hit by lightning and fried the modem which I was using at my current location. No broadband available and I don't plan to live their too long anyway. Time for a new Airport I guess.
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    cool, you guys are the best...

    [quote] thegelding, as far as I know, if the ISP works with your iMac already there shouldn't be a problem with it and Airport <hr></blockquote>

    yeah, that makes sense...ok, time to spend some cash (or plastic)...g
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