Anyone do wireless printing?

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I'm looking at this mess of cables by my printer and was wondering if anyone has had much success with a wireless printer.

Don't know many out there...I think HP used to but not sure anymore.

I imagine with Apple's push for Bluetooth, there might be more in the future.


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    I have the Epson C80 WN wireless printer and it is has been a royal pain in the buttocks. we have a small network in my house, and we decided to get the WN to allow us to put the printer in a spot where it would be hard to ethernet to, and so that it would allow all of our computers to print to it. Trying to get the printer to connect to the network through an airport base station connected to an ethernet hub has consumed many hours and hasn't been worked. If you are simply connecting one computer to the printer directly though airport you might not have any problems, but with a network it is terrible. In any case, I would wait for bluetooth and Rendevous, which are coming very soon and look like they will be a hell of a lot easier and more reliable.
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    i did some with infrared from my TiBook to my HP photosmart p1000.

    haven't tried in X yet.

    Was pretty nifty, though.
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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    i've considered getting an epson bluetooth adapter, but the damn thing costs more than my printer did.
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    ftft Posts: 14member
    I use an old Stylewriter for printing via airport. My old 6400 has the printer wired to it. I have printer sharing switched on in the print set up dialogue box. The hard disk of the 6400 is set up to share and is connected to the airport base station by ethernet cable.

    So long as the 6400 is booted up then the Stylewriter will appear in my wireless iBook's chooser as 'shared printer'.
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