10.3.4 iBook backlight problem?

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Installed 10.3.4 update last night. Around 1, my 600 MHz iBook and I went to sleep, but this morning only I was able to awake. Turns out it was a backlight problem. Could see image on screen and on TV, but couldn't turn backlight on. Rebooted into OS 9.2, which started backlight, until Finder fully loaded, when it turned off again. Put it to sleep and then awakened and backlight turned on and has so far stayed on. Not certain it's a 10.3.4 problem, but it seems to be the most likely proposition.

Anyone else?


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    >_>>_> Posts: 336member
    Similar thing happened to me.

    I closed my powerbook and went to bed. Woke up and opened her, and it didn't blink on. Changing the volume produces the pop sound, though. So I just held down the power button till it turned off, pressed it again and it worked fine.

    *shrug* Not an "end of the world" bug. =P

    - Xidius
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    rickbrickb Posts: 3member
    As an update, my iBook backlight now continues to remain off from time- or lid-induced sleep until I put the system to sleep using the power button (followed by the S key) and reawaken from keyboard. Certainly is a pain.
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    rickbrickb Posts: 3member
    Apparently, the iBook backlight problem was caused by the "Angle of Death" syndrome well-known to many iBook owners. The inverter cable that runs through the hinge gets stretched by a combo of use and design flaw, and needs to be replaced. More info on the problem may be found at smalldog.com.
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