Harddrive space dropped from 30.5 GB to 26.85 GB

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Ever since I downloaded 10.3.4 update the HD space was dropping. Before I downloaded it free space was at 30.5 GB. After the download it went to 29.85 GB. The next day it went to 28.85 GB. Now it is at 26.85 GB. I didn't download anything else. The trash is empty. Will the Hardware test pick anything up? Please help. Thanks in advance.


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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Try downloading OmniDiskSweeper.

    It'll show you how much space things are using on your hard drive. Maybe that'll help shed some light on your mystery.
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    zarathustrazarathustra Posts: 264member
    Try checking: Library/Logs/console

    For some reason when my machine is on (and connected to the internet) constantly, it records everything in there (building up 5-6 Gb files). If you find you have the same trash it..log out and re log in or switch to another user and return you can then empty it from the trash...you get your space back.
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    I don't know if this is related but I recently transfererred all my HD data on my Pismo to a Lacie 200G Ext FW HD. Then I installed a fresh version of 10.3.

    Hadn't upgraded yet to 10.3.4 but my G4 desktop was

    when I plugged it into my Lacie ext 120 gig it read it fine. Shut down the computer and plugged it into the PB but I wouldn't mout said it was unreadable.

    Plugged it back into the G4 and it was unreadable.

    Ran disk Utility but it wouldn't fix it. error (-9972) no volumes found or something

    Talked to Lacie upgraded both systems downloaded firmare from their site and still nothing.

    What's most strange is now the powerbook with 10.3.4 reads the 200Gb Ext drive as only having 80.6 Gigs on it and the G4 reads it as 90.6 or something.

    I only put about 11gigs of data on the drive originally.

    Lacie told me that it sounded like a "bridge" problem. That being the case I should recover with disk warrior or Data Rescue and reformat the drive in OS extended. Either way the drive seems to be unreadable in Data Rescue and Disk Warrior.

    Do any of you have any suggestions on how to recover the data and more importantly what is going on here and is it related to this original post?
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