problem after iphoto upgrade

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While upgrading iphoto to 1.2 via ilife, a large number of photos were placed into an album called recovered photos. There are greater than 5000 photos in my library at present. I din't really think too much of it. I later went to the photos that were in the recovered album to see if they were still in the library. They were...or at least I though they were. The thumb was there is what I am trying to say. When opening one of the "recovered photos from either the library or the recovered album, the photo begins to open(actually see a flash of the picture) but the picture does not end up opening(just a blank screen with the highlight field surrounding it. I tend to believe the photos are still there but can not be read for some reason( the file size still indicates that it is more than a thumb). Can anybody help me to fix this? Thanks for any help.


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    talksense101talksense101 Posts: 1,737member
    I would check the disk, trash iPhoto and reinstall it. I would also try to remove any preferences / cache for iPhoto, though I am not sure of how to do it.
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