Posting Slowdowns.

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I'm not sure if its an OS thing, but here is a problem that I've had with pretty much every mac.

Ok when posting things on forums (such as Doink, or Spymac) The typing speed was reduced to almost nothing. It's crazy, as if the computer could not handle simple text input.

Each letter was comming up about 2 seconds after I would hit it.

(the same things happens with my friends 15")

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there a way to fix it?


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Same thing for me. I don't know how related it is but sometimes my Safari will eat CPU when doing "nothing". Like sitting on a loaded and rendered web page will cause Safari to eat 66% of the CPU. IMO it's a bug then need to fix.

    PLUS for me Safari crashes more than any other app I have by a 10 to 1 margin.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    this should help

    also do you have pith helmet installed by any chance? (it is an ad blocking extension for safari) Depending on what sites you have blocked and how the extension is configured you could be experiencing slowdowns because of that as well...

    additionally looping gifs like or can cause slowdowns...

    next time you are replying to a thread resize the window so that these animated smiles are not viewable and all you see is the message box, you should see a marked decrease in CPU activity...

    as for why this happens? beats me... Brad posted something about why somewhere but I don't seem to remember where at the moment...

    edit: oh and what version of Safari are you running? I remember the Jaguar version had some bugs that were fixed in the latest version (1.2.2 (v125.7) only available with Panther 10.3.4) that pertained to text input...
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    I'm I have the latest of everything.

    And when I scroll down to get the smiles out of view, it runs like a regular text input window should. But it works flawlessly with firebird, why does it slow down with safari?
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