Opeing from the google window into tabs?

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Is it possible to open a Google search page from the Safari integrated Google Search Window in Tabs? Because I love using Tabs, and I am sick of losing a page of info everytime I want to do a search (My best way of procrastinating is to open every AI page in tabs and just flick between them all.

Because one you type your topic into the Google search, and then right click - you don't get the option of opening in Tabs.



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    Hit Command-Return instead of just Return, and the search results will open in a new tab.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    Cool, thanks.

    Well, what about opening from a bookmark? The bookmarks override which ever page is open... I also want those to open in tabs... AND, what about when I get an e-mail with a link in it (like the AI e-mails)... how do I open those links in tabs and not have them automatically open new windows?

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    command click...
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    code mastercode master Posts: 344member
    Links from things like email and icq is the bottom pref in the General prefs.

    Btw, Option + Return from the google search saves the results as a page on your HD.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    There is a distinct behaviour for bookmarks set into a folder in the bookmark bar itself rather than in the default bookmark folder hierarchy.

    Here in the left image you can see the default hierarchy in the lower left of the left pane,

    the right image shows the History results with kickdown arrows by date, and across the bookmarks bar at the top you can see folders for pulldown access (News) which have been added into the bookmark bar (top of the left pane)

    These folders can be accessed with pulldown without opening the bookmark icon... the bottom link of which should always be "open in tabs" to fire the whole folder into new tabs.

    these folders live in the bookmark bar highlighted in the back window of this image

    (I call mine "daily"), and if you access the bookmarks screen by clicking the little open book icon in your bookmarks bar, you should be able to see a listing of all the folders in your bookmarks bar in the right hand pane.

    If you have enabled tabbed browsing, the bookmarks bar right hand pane should have a tickbox column called "Auto-tab" in between the bookmark name field and the URL field. Ticking a folder for autotab changes its behaviour in the bookmark bar so that instead of a pull down arrow which would allow you to access the folder's pages, once auto-tab has been set the pulldown changes to a square. click the square or the autotabbed-folder name beside it and whammo... all the bookmarks in that folder spawn into tabs and simultaneously load.

    one click in the morning and as I get my coffee, a dozen or so pages are prepped for my return.
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