external microphone worries

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hey all,

here's a weird one- i have an older G4 tower (400mHz) that has no problem using an older mac microphone, it also worked on my old 7100/66. it doesn't work on my new G4 tower (1.25gHz) running panther 10.3.4. i've played with mic settings in system prefs, etc. nothing. the mic is fine. anyone else run into this?

a fellow mac user said the new G4s have a different input for mics and that's most likely the problem... can anyone confirm? sounds kind of goofy. why go thru the trouble of making a new mic input configuration for the latest generation G4?

thx in advance,



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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    No, the inputs have not changed. Have you tried a different mic? It's possible your input is bad.
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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
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