Ableton Live 4 announced

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Ableton proudly presents Live's most significant release to date: Live 4. This release extends Live's real-time music-making approach to the complete range of today's music production techniques.

In Live 4, you will find a complete and inspiring approach to MIDI sequencing, pattern recording, drag-and-drop sampling, virtual instruments and MIDI hardware support. We have also made substantial extensions and enhancements to existing functionality, including such features as swing/groove for audio and MIDI clips, a powerful new channel-routing scheme, simplified recording, sample reverse, and several exciting new creative options for the Session View.

In creating Live 4, we faced the challenge of adding our most requested features while keeping Live simple, solid and inspiring to use. The new functionality simultaneously widens Live's scope and strengthens the qualities that make the program stand out. We would like to express our gratitude to the Live users who urged us to make this happen, and to make it happen in the right way.

Well this is good news and we didn't have to wait until Summer NAMM for it. I do hope Mac performance improves. Altivec support would really rock too Ableton.
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