ipod mini or regular ipod?! help!

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hey, i am trying to decide on wether to purchase an ipod mini or a regular ipod. i have used and seen both. if you could tell me what your preferences are of the two and what you recommend would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    I have both, well, I have the 15 gig model, and my wife has the pink iPod mini. I must say, that when we were buying her hers, that I had my questions as to how useful it would be with such a small HD...The truth is that hers is a much better choice for just music. I still like mine for the extra HD space that I can utilize to back up files, but hers is very compact and serves its job well. So, I guess it would be up to you to decide if you would like the added functionality, or if you just want music. If the latter, then iPod mini all the way!!
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    ok thanks man! lol.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    also the UI on the mini is MUCH better then the buttons at the top for the 3G iPod... its the main reason why I still have my 20 gig 2G...
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    johnhenryjohnhenry Posts: 152member
    I have to say the mini rocks! However, it really boils down to whether you need more than 4 GB or not. My library used to be around 30 so when the 30 GB ipod came out I grabbed one. I then realized that most of my listening was of songs i had rated 4 and 5 equalling about 7 GB. I could have bought the 10 GB saved a bunch of dough and been happy. Of course, now that the lossless encoder is available and I have re-ripped my library to the much better sounding files, I'm glad I have the extra space.

    So what the hell was my point? Oh yeah... Do you need more than 4 GB for the songs you will be listening to? If so the regular ipod is a much better deal. If you can live with 4 GB than the mini is much cooler, lighter and easier to handle (less likely to drop). I personally wish I could get by with the storage of the mini...I love em.
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    dr deepdr deep Posts: 63member
    Splash out and get the 40. I wish apple made a 80, my music only takes up about 20 but i love the extra space for transporting files from work to home or a mate's computer to mine. I would be kicking myself if i had got anything less than the 40 now.

    Just think that you don't have to use the extra space but if you dont get it you can never add it on later.
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    I have the pink mini too. . .

    It's really nice, fits in a shirt pocket without noticing it, and it carries more than enough music. It's not like I go traveling around the world without my computer. (or for that matter go traveling around the world at all)
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    quagmirequagmire Posts: 558member
    Wait intill the 4th geneation ipod and then go splash out and get the 60 GB ipod. As a person siad before even though you don't have the music to fill it, you can use the ipod to backup your system. Well only the real important stuff.
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