get rich quick on the net?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I see all of these damnd websites about get rich quick schemes and wonder how these mopes could possibley make $, who buys a book+tape that PROMISES to make you a millionair in a year or less? and spam: who buys that crap? honestley, when was the last time someone said while reading their e-mail, "OMG!! I didnt thing it was that small, I realy NEED that ... 'enlargement' pill"?

It is almost enough to drive me to becomeing a spammer, these guys work for like 8 hrs a week and can put it on "auto-pilot" the rest of the time, and the money they make is sick

Gee, if ya cant beat them...

I dont ever want to be a spammer but damn there is some good money in it, when will people stop reading and falling for spam, thus stopping spam and is cured...eccept for that pesky virus thing...


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