matrix-like ping pong game

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wow... all I have to say... This is a video of these two people playing ping pong, and it's all matrix styled... but it is done in a studio audience, they have a bunch of people clothed in black moving everything... must have been very complicated to plan out so well. take a look!

and yes... it's in WMV... I hate it too but thats just the way it is...


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    thedustinthedustin Posts: 176member
    Cool. With a little bit of money to help that could be very cool. The next "Blue Man Group." Well, not really, but with a better stage, lights, etc. could be awsome.

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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member
    that was awesome
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Someone forgot to use a green screen. That way at least the television audience could've been fooled. Still I agree that was pretty cool in certain respects.

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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member
    It obviously wasn't meant for the guys in black to be out of view of the audience, they were just clothed in black so there was no visual distraction from the bright colors of the pongers outfits and the ball. =\\
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Hmm. You don't think it was televised also? I don't mean to be a kill-joy. It's a pretty cool idea... I guess I am just unclear on the original purpose of this production. If it was for live audience only then I would say they did as well as any production troup can do.
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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member
    Yeah I'm sure it was televised.

    What I meant was it wasn't important for the guys in black to be hard to see... actually I think you want them to be seen to understand the complexity of the production. It's just that while you want them seen, they need to be toned down (clothed in black) so as not to distract from the main focus.
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    I think the show that they were televised in is something like a talent show. where people vote on how good performers did, hence the meter at the end that went to full.
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