Someone is using my .mac mail-account (for spam)

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Hi all

I just recieved a mail-deamon message saying I couldn't send a bunch of mails which I never tried to send...

They where all pharceutical spams, send from my .mac account, even though the sender appeared to have another name...

Is there anyway of stopping this?



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member

    I get those every so often... it just means that your address is in the spam pool, and they're using it to forge a 'From' line on some mail.

    Yet another nasty trick they pull.
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    :-):-) Posts: 110member

    I'll just have to live with it then :-(

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    What you are experienceing is known as 'spoofing'. The virus is not on your computer, it is on someone else's system who has your name in their address book. The practice is known as 'spoofing' and address.

    Here is some explinations:

    Basically there are computer viruses which make emails *look* to the untrained eye as if they came from you. If you were to check the message headers it would reveal the helpless sender who is infected with the real virus.
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