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I have a couple of questions:

Is keynote better than PowerPoint (I am under the opinion that it is)?

Is keynote going to see an update soon?

Is keynote worth getting now (using the above answers I suppose!)?


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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    Is it better?

    For the most part, YES. It offers easier use and far better transitions and "eye-candy".

    However, in an environment where I have to share presentations (read: create them so my boss can present them and take the credit) with others, PowerPoint is still the better option. You can import/export from Keynote, but it's not seamless and usually requires quite a bit of reformatting.
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    It is definitely easier to create professional looking presentations in Keynote, but it lacks a lot of the options available in PowerPoint. I hope that there will be a Keynote 2 soon which I can endorse without such qualifications.
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