Old USB iRez Kritter

in macOS edited January 2014
I found an old, fully functioning (as far as I can tell!) USB iRez Kritter webcam. I thought I'd plug it into my G4 running Panther to see what happened. Nothing. Zip. Well not exactly. At first I plugged it into the USB port on my keyboard but I got a warning saying the USB device needed more juice, so I plugged it into my USB hub. Now the blue light is on at the front of the camera and that's it.

The reason I'm posting it here is because I expected OSX to do *something* - like when I plug in a digital camera. Should OSX be doing something or do I need a bit of software to make it work? If it does need software, what software do I need?

[moderators: this could well be an OSX, Software or hardware question, so please move this post at your discretion...]


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