The Store is back, and......

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It's absolutely the same! Imagine, scheduling a maintenance upgrade on a low-traffic day like a holiday!



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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    down again
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    erbiumerbium Posts: 354member
    Well, we really have no idea what the problem was. They could have fried a server, crashed a hard drive, or something. Nobody knows whether it was a planned upgrade do they?
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    Move along people... nothing to see here.

    I know-- why don't we all go to sleep for six days so we're not all freakin' hittin' these stupid web pages every 12.4 seconds.

    Sorry. It's late on this side of the world.
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    mjpacimjpaci Posts: 79member
    I doubt a "crashed HD" would bring down the Apple Store. All of it's data storage is probably on a mirrored EMC storage thingy that's the size of VW Microbus. They're probably doing maintenance, harware upgrades, etc. Who knows.

    I work for a large investment bank and all of our data is mirrored on two of these large EMC storage arrays in the one building and also out to our DR site 40 miles away onto a third EMC. Pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately we cannot create partitions larger that 50GB without taking performance hits. I don't know whether this is an EMC thing or NT thing.

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