Many problems with Warcraft 3

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I recently got a 1.6ghz G5 and it's been awesome so far. Everything has been perfect except for a few noticable annoyances. Most of these annoyances are found when I try to play Warcraft 3 under my profile. At first when the game starts up everything is fine. The graphics look nice and the single player mode seems fine. After I save my progress in single player, I go ahead and click on multiplayer and then the problems begin to appear. It gives me a message saying that theres not enough free disk space on the hard drive to download the files needed to play online, but I have 66 gigs of free space! When I switch to my dad's account it works fine (and were both admins).

So i decide to try to play single player again and when I try to load my game it sais that there are nosaved games. (??)

Any ideas on what's wrong??


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    Which user did you install the software with? I remember that when I installed WarCraft III my brother couldn't save games and such. I had to go set the permissions on the warcraft folder to read/write for everyone. After I gave everyone write access it worked fine. Just a thought.
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    mac_noobmac_noob Posts: 5member
    Yep, that was the problem. Thanks alot for your help! I wouldn't have been able to find that out on my own.
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    Glad its working for you.

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