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I have a G4 and a beige G3 with a G4 upgrade card. I have a firewire port on the G3 running to a FW Hard Drive, running to a FW CD-RW, with a free FW port on the CD-RW. If I run a FW cord from the G4 to the G3, can I transfer files back and forth like it were a network or another HD in the FW chain? :confused:

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    Good question; I'm interested in the answer to this. Have you tried booting the G4 in target disk mode while connected to that spare port? (Hold the T key as you start up the G4, after connecting it.)

    I've no experience daisy-chaining firewire devices so I don't know if that will work. If it does, the G4 disk should show up on the desktop of the G3.
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    this is a bit complex, think i'll move it to the Genius bar.

    however, i have done this before, except for the target disk mode part.

    at this point i have 5 or 6 drives all chained together and working just fine.

    the nicest thing about firewire is that you don't need a computer to be between the two devices for them to talk to eachother. the signal should travel between all the drives with no trouble.

    now off to the Genius bar.
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