My grandma is switching....

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Ok, so I have my grandma getting a new computer, the only thing is with WWDC coming up, would there be any computer price drops? My guess is with the G5's updated things will stay the same? Money is not a concern really, but she just e-mails, uses internet, uses an address book, and sometimes types letters. So, I am thinking the best thing for her would be an eMac. I would only think of an iMac because of the adjustable screen, and it being so big. I am going to get the combo drive probably, and 512 ram. Other than that, I think only suggestions to which one to get her, and guesses about prices coming down is all I need to pull the trigger.


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    The eMacs were updated not so long ago, so they are a safe buy right now. I would wait until WWDC if you are interested in an iMac. The iMacs are due for an upgrade/makeover. Then you can either get the old model discounted or go ahead with the new (and probably wait a little longer since shipping right now always means a tleast 2 weeks).
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