DVD HDD recorder firewire out to Mac?

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I got me one of those new fangled dvd hdd recorders a Pioneer DVR-510H which has firewire in/out for camera connection and txing.. It works plugging it into my pbook and using iMovie to capture the stream, it initially comes up as no tape in the camera but once you hit play on the dvr it comes thru just fine....


the audio doest get saved, it comes thru the pooter ok and plays thru the speakers, just is not saved.. is there a limitation in iMovie that makes this so, or the dv stream.. will using Final Cut Express work better.. or am I missing something important...

Any help would be appreciated, thx


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    fulmerfulmer Posts: 171member
    You've gotten further than I have... I have a IO-Data HDD Recorder that hooks up to my Sony TV via FW. I tried hooking it up to my Mac, but the Mac wouldn't recognize it. There is a little switch on the back of the HDD Recorder that allows you to set the TV manufacture. I tried all 3 different positions, but no luck! I'd love to be able to hook the HDD Recorder up to my Mac!!
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    I solved my problem, iMovie seems to mute the system volume (even tho the captured sounds comes thru the spkrs ok!!), using the menu bar slider (if you have it turned on) to bump the sound back up, the sound works ! I never noticed the muted system sound because the sound was working while capture was going on..... so in my case the pioneer hdd recorder to powerbook captures audio and video just perfectly via firewire from the player.. one happy chappy here..
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