iTMS needs to improve its browsing

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Sometimes you want to browse by album title rather than artist. Can't do it. I noticed this especially when I was looking at audio books yesterday - there's no way to browse by book title. You go to category, and then author. You can't even see book titles unless you click on a particular author's name. A lot of the time you don't know the name of an author, and you just want to see what book titles look interesting. Can't do it.

Maybe this isn't as much of a problem for music, but in Classical this is awful. Who wants to browse by artist in Classical? Most people probably want to browse by composer, and see what's available for Beethoven or Mozart etc.

All these tags are already available, so it's really just a question of allowing you some more freedom and options when browsing. You should be able to select the browsing categories just like you can select the type of information to display and sort by (such as album, genre, etc.). You should also be able to order them how you want, so if you want to look at the names of all the albums in a genre, you can do it rather than having to select an artist first.


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