Moved: Dead pixel by the dozen on my NEW Ti667!

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I just got a new Ti667 and unfortunately out of the box I have a bright red dead pixel :0(

I could have lived with one dead pixel but that was until I runned a little test, I created a black gif 1280x854 with PS7 and after scanning the all screen i found there is 12 dead pixel !!!

there are not as bright or as "big" as the red one but I still can see them clearly some are blue the other are red...Are these also dead pixel or some thing else?



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    Technically, they are stuck pixels. A dead pixel would have no color. In theory, some people say if you gently massage the area of the screen where the pixel is stuck, it may come back to life.

    If you have that many stuck pixels, I think that is grounds for a replacement, but you'd have to call Apple.
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    I need to know if there is a degree of brightness for dead pixel?

    Most of the one I have in my unit are kind of faint looking fairly dim.

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    Whatever, dead or stuck, you have twelve malfunctioning pixels. Call Apple right away, that is grounds for replacement. Do not accept repair as an option. You paid (too) good money for that machine. They should replace it immediately. You did not buy a refurbished machine, if they repair it, they are in essence giving you a refurbished machine.

    Accept nothing less than a replacement!
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