FCMR Sale (Finally Cleaned My Room Sale)

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Ok, I've got a bunch of...well...stuff that I need to unload. Here's a list...all prices include shipping. Paypal is preferred but will accept checks too.

-Palm m500 with cradle, that's it...nothin else. Dad gave it to me when he upgraded to the Tungsten I gave him...I havent used it, though it has one horizontal line of pixels that don't work...still does all the basics---$25

-(2) Black Apple Pro mice. Tried all sortsa stuff with these..both work...well...kinda. I've done some frankenstein things to them...like take them apart, but you can use them for mods or parts or whatever you people like to do with pro mice---$5 a piece

-Labtec USB microphone coated in a beautiful dark silver...used it while I had a TiBook with no line in...no need for it now...perfect working order---$20 obo

-HP "CD Writer Plus" or whatever the hell that means...12x/8x/24x CD Burner pulled from a crappy HP system. Think the burner works...not really sure though---$20 obo

-Busted pair of Sony "Dynamic Stereo Headphones" model # MDR-V150. I was an idiot and took them off with one hand one time and the head bridge snapped, so basically they're like earbuds that you have to hold to your ears with your hands...still work, but maybe somebody out there wants to use them for something or give them a new headband thing.


-Sealed ink tank for a crappy lexmark printer Tank # 17G0060...usually costs like an insane $40 or something. Take it off my hands for $5...please.

-Netgear MR814v2. Used it for DSL for a while...now I have my Power Mac MDD as my home entertainment system and it also shares internet...so no need for THIS thing anymore. Perfect working order...comes with router+power cord+cable. Updated firmware for my fellow AlBook owners with Airport Extreme.---$30 obo


-Used but loved Brenthaven 15" Professional Backpack. Upgraded to the 17" so the bigger pack is needed. She's been all over the world with me...I love it dealy...almost disgustingly. It's protected 3 Powerbook G4s, and will protect yours too...weathered Indiana Jonesesque look at no extra charge (zippers have a really cool rusted look to them from being used) These are built like a rock and i think they even have a lifetime warranty...needs a good home---$100

-Possibly a new 30GB iPod. I am getting a mini and I bought a highspeed portable external drive for what I was using my old 30GB for. It was replaced just a month ago and has been in it's Marware Convertible case since. Comes with earbuds, dock, Marware case, remote, and yes...even the box---$350 obo

-Sony Ericsson T610 UNLOCKED. My girlfriend and I each got Z600's, I lost my T610, but she still has hers, and it's in pretty damn near mint condition. It used to be with T-Mobile, but is unlocked. She used it in Italy for a month so I know it works overseas. ---Looking for $200 obo

EDIT: Just found my old T68i. This is ALSO unlocked. Works great with Salling Clicker and iSync. Comes with leather case/sleeve and charger. Looking for $100 obo.

That's all I can dig up for now...there are plenty of other odds and ends...but if I feel any of them are worth posting, I will certainly do so. Email offers or requests to [email protected]. Thanks all!!


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