Yamaha RP-U200 - anyone using it?

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Anybody got one? I'm thinking of hooking one up to my QuickSilver Dual-Gig, but before I do I was hoping for some feedback. Anybody?


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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    This is one of the ideas I'm contemplating too for my dual Gig. What I was going to do is get an Audiophile 2496 sound card, and hook it up to a stereo receiver.

    I was looking on xlr8yourmac.com and found a couple people there are using an Onyko USB audio processor that looked good and was a lot cheaper than the Yamaha you mentioned. I dont have any experience but that Yamaha looks good if you have the money. Is it plug & play w/OS X?

    Any audiophiles would be welcome in this thread.
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