AMD has taped out Dual Core Opterons

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Delivery by 2H 2005. Wow can you image a 4 CPU system that acts like a 16 way system??

Surely this means IBM has Dual Core plans to match. I can see a 3Ghz first and then maybe DC 3.2Ghz by end of summer 2005. Toto ..things are about to get fast.


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    part of me wants to wait until next year for a powermac instead of getting the 2.5 now
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    concordconcord Posts: 312member
    Yeah, I read that article earlier today - kudos to AMD. It looks like they'll have dual on-die memory controllers as well... very nice. With Intel bringing their dual core efforts in around the same time, 2006 should really be the year of the multithreaded app.

    We don't really know all that much about IBM's dual core efforts but I suspect they won't be very far behind. I have a feeling though that Intel and AMD will beat them to the punch though. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing. Dual core CPUs on the PC side will push the development of multithreaded apps which in turn will/should filter down to the Mac side. 64 bit CPUs/OS on the PC will finally push a 64 bit version of Photoshop out the door and Concord will be a very happy camper.


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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    IBM already has dual core POWER4 and POWER5, but they are EXPENSIVE.
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